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November 5,1970 a body of Baptized believers met in the Home of Sister Hallie M. Demerritt, 2102 Alexander Street  Austin,Texas. There were eighteen adult Christians in the decision making to organizing a church.  At this meeting a motion was made and seconded to organize a church, the motion was carried.             


The first location considered was 1702 South Fifth Street,  Austin, Texas and on November 12, 1970 another meeting was held at 1702 S. 5th St.  This meeting was to proceed with the organization.  The following Pastors and church representatives were invited and /or were present to organize the church;  Rev. William A. Ervin,  Austin Baptist Assn,  Rev. Marvin C. Griffin, Ebenezer Baptist Church,  Rev. N. W. Bacon, Greater Mt.Zion Baptist,  Rev. H A. Sneed,  Mt. Olive Baptist Church. The Church was organized. (Forty days later a special meeting was call, and the purpose of this meeting was to re-organize the Church in the order to include the Moderators of the Associations that we are in fellowship with.)  Our first effort to organize Dr. M. C.Griffin served as Moderator, of the Council, and in the reorganizing of this Church Dr. H. A. Sneed served as Moderator.            


Our first Worship services were held in the home of our Pastor Rev. L. M. Roberts, located at 1706 East 32nd Street, Austin, Texas 78722.  Later we worshiped in the Salina Activity Center. In May of 1971 we started purchasing the property at 3515 Webberville Road.  In July we bought a building from the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) located on 37th Street, and had it moved to 3515 Webberville Road.  This building contained an Auditorium that would seat at least 150 people, a fellowship hall, Ladies lounge, and one acre of land.  A value of $60,000.00.  PRAISE GOD.          


As we look back, we can see that the Lord has blessed us through the leadership of our Pastor Rev. L. M. Roberts.  “Where there is no vision the people perish” Prov. 29:18            


The Greater Union Baptist Church family worshiped in this building from 1972 to 1976. Mean while much prayer was made to God, for better things for God, for Pastor Roberts has greater visions for the future. Our great plans were to build a new Church Building with all necessary facilities at a cost of $300,000.00.  But God answered our prayers by opening a new and better door.  God fixed it and gave us more than we could have gotten in any other way.  We did not have any money, or assets;  the only thing we had was faith in God, and a prayer in our hearts. Praise God.                                  


OUR AIM:                        To Reach the Unreached

OUR PURPOSE:              To Save the Lost

OUR OBJECTIVE:            To Grow in Grace



In the year of 1976 July 4th, Bi-Centennial  (200th Anniversary of the United States)  it was on Sunday morning Greater Union Church Family marched through these doors with Faith in God and a mind to work.  Were-organized our work for the new location. The History of our Church has been a struggle all the way. PRAISE GOD.             


So intent was the founder's desire to retire the mortgage.  However, the Lord called him home before the due time of said mortgage.           


Reverend L.M. Roberts, was our First Pastor.  We loved him dearly, but the Lord loved him best, and called him home to glory onFebruary 19, 1985.  So loved and much missed. 


This brought about unrest among the members causing them to rise to the occasion, as a marble shaft out of the gray dawn of determination for a fulfillment of his vision.


Greater Union was without a Shepherd. We did have two Interim pastors: The Rev. E. C.Craig Jr. and Chaplain W. L. McDaniels. Our church had a big decision to make.  On October 6, 1985,  The Reverend Edward C. Craig Jr. was installed as Pastor of the Greater Union Missionary Baptist Church.         

During his tenure, the church steeple was painted, a new air conditioner in the church auditorium, a burglar alarm system was installed, new choir robes for the Senior Choir was purchased, and a computer.            


Retiring the mortgage was much alive in the hearts and minds of the Saints of God.  Prayers went up, The Lord moved in Sis. L. M.Roberts' heart.  St. Luke 11:9, “And I say unto you,  Ask and it shall be given,”  Sis Roberts asked. “Seek and ye shall find,” and Sis. Roberts sought. “Knock and it shall be opened unto you,” and Sis. Roberts knocked and the Lord knocked on the hearts of the Saints of God and no need to tell the story, let the records speak!             


On November 8, 1987, Greater Union Missionary Baptist Church celebrated their 17th Church Anniversary.  Just eleven years ago the Saints of God marched into these doors on a Sunday morning with God in our hearts and prayers of Thanksgiving and today Sis. L. M. Roberts presented the Deeds of the Church to Deacon Henry Don Harper (Chairman of Trustees)  who presented the Deeds to Pastor E. C. Craig Jr.  Eleven years and four months God smiled on Greater Union.  We thank God for his mercy and for his blessings. Praise God, Praise God, Thank God!


Our church has been blessed and we have continued to make progress for November 1986 to May 7, 1989.  We had 22 candidates for Baptism and 53 members by Christian experience. Through the life of this church we have licensed four ministers and ordained two.      


Rev. E. C.Craig's administration extended from October 6, 1985 to May 7, 1989.  Again Greater Union was without a Shepherd.  From May to September 1989,God continued to be our Heavenly Shepherd. Prayers went up, blessings came down,God added eleven to fellowship; eight Baptisms; and three for Christian experience.


            Holy men of God filled the pulpit every Sunday.


We thank God for the message and the messengers who helped us out until God blessed us with a devoted leader.  As the Lord told Jeremiah in 3: 15, “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”  A call was made to the Reverend O. D. Davis .  Again God moved, the Rev. O. D. Davis accepted the call and on September 17, 1989 and became the third pastor of Greater Union Missionary Baptist Church. Praise God.


Pastor Davis preached his first sermon “The New Birth,” St. John 3:3, God moved again;seventeen (17) united in God's fellowship, three (3) Baptisms and fourteen (14) for Christian experience.  


In November 1989, Sister Loraine Davis challenged our hearts to the sixty-six (66) books of the Bible. Each member was asked to contribute $500.00 for each book of the Bible.


This financial drive will build up our building fund to do the necessary repairs needed to enhance he beauty and physical appearance of our buildings. On June 4, 1990, the Lord answered our prayers with a spirit filled Holy Ghost Program; In which initially $17,705.08 was collected.


In 1990 twenty (20) Christians experience, sixteen (16) Baptism, and Thirty-six (36)  united in our church family. Total with 1989 and 1990; one(1) year of service are:      

34 Christian Experience

19 Baptism

53 Total


In 1991, the Lord added thirty (30)  sheep to the flock. Fourteen (14) for Baptism, sixteen (16) by Christian experience. Our accomplishments have been: The remodeling of our Education Building; Installing a new air conditioner in our sanctuary; one of our restrooms was remodeled for the convenience of the handicapped. The hallway was panted; the sanctuary was painted inside and outside; new overhead lighting was installed; new ceiling fans were installed; the restoring and painting of the hallways leading to the Fellowship Hall. PRAISE GOD!


After a brief illness, the Lord called Pastor O.D. Davis home to glory on January 20, 1992. We can still hear him saying" There's no place like this place, near this place, so this must be the place. " Pastor Davis was a good shepherd. His spirit will forever live in our hearts.


Again Greater Union was without a shepherd. After much prayer, Rev. Rickey E. Williams was called by God to become our next pastor. He was installed on Sunday, October 25, 1992, to become the fourth Pastor of Greater Union. We are going up higher in the name of Jesus.  PRAISE GOD!


In the year of 1992 we purchased a riding lawnmower and installed hand rails in the church entry way and hallway. We added six (6) members by Christian experience and three (3) as candidates for Baptism to make a total of nine to unite in our church family.


Job 23:10 reads, " But he knoweth the way that I take; When he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. "


The year of 1992 has been a trying year without a pastor, however we are strengthen through trials and tribulations.

                                                                                                                                                                    Under Pastor Williams many improvements have been made - to list a few; We have purchesed a Church Van; Our Activity Center and Kitchen have been remodeled; Our Children's Church was begun; we have Nine (9) Ministers of the Gospel Licensed, Five (5) of those have been ordained, Six (6) Deacons Ordained - two (2) have gone on to become ministers - To God Be The Glory For The Great Things He continues to do here at Greater Union Missionary Baptist Church. We thank God for our Christian journey, we thank him for our storms but most of all we thank him for "just being God and being in lour lives as we travel this journey.


Our Affiliations are: * Austin Baptist Association

* St. John Association




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There's no place, like this place, near this place or around this place, so this must be the place.


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